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When Water Lost Her Way 

Meg Humphrys


The debut children’s book, When Water Lost her Way by Meg Humphrys is a triumph.


With a career in the water industry, Humphrys has created a stunning picture storybook which is at once a solid education resource, a beautiful and accessible story for children (& adults) of all ages, and a subtle reminder of the parallels that exist between nature’s cycles and our own.


Written from the point of view of Water, the story follows the character’s journey through the water cycle, prompted by Water’s questions: Where do I belong? Why am I here? And where am I going? The effective premise gives way to weaving – potentially dry scientific – details of the water cycle into a poetic and whimsical story of self-realisation.


The author’s thread is smooth and gentle, in-line with the flow of Water through the various stages of her cycle. The prose is supported beautifully by Humphrys’ artwork: soft water colours, fluid and circular forms, rolling forwards with a sense of continuous motion through the pages.


The book is the most sophisticated and novel explanation of the water cycle I have come across. As an education resource, it sits naturally in the science sphere, whilst also lending itself well to integrated studies, with themes around belonging, consciousness and mindfulness. The author’s note at the end of the book provides additional information about the water cycle, and the website offers clear and helpful teaching resources, including lesson plans and extension questions for Foundation through to Year 6.


This book leaves the reader reflecting on the strength, grace and wisdom of Water, the intricacy of the water cycle and the importance of Water as a precious resource. It is a must-have for the classroom desk or bedside table at home.


Humphrys is skilled in equal parts as an educator, storyteller and artist. When Water Lost Her Way brings together her vast talent in a cleverly crafted, visually exquisite story incorporating essential lessons for children – and for us all – about the water cycle and indeed, about life.

IMOGEN REES / Teacher/ Music Therapist/ Parent

“When Water Lost Her Way is a beautifully illustrated allegory reminding us that water is central to our survival"

MARK PASCOE/ CEO International Water Centre

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